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Documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents at the District Court Banská Bystrica
This list of documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents has only indicative character and is not applicable for legal acts!

Section:  Sro Insert No.:  40661/S-Zbl

This list of documents of the company was ceded by reason of local incompetence!

Business name: 
MULTIPLAST - SK s. r. o.
Registered seat: 
Učňovská 575/8
Košice - mestská časť Šaca 040 15
Identification number (IČO): 
53 583 922
Legal form: 
Private limited liability company
Date of entry: 
Collection of documents: 
Podnikateľské oprávnenie.asice
Type of document: Document confirming the authorization to conduct business
  (Delivered: 02/10/2021)
Písomné vyhlásenie správcu vkladu podľa osobitného zákona, 2).zep
Type of document: Declaration made by trustee of an account
  (Delivered: 02/10/2021)
Spoločenská zmluva alebo zakladateľská listina.zep
Type of document: Founding Document (Memorandum of Association/Founder´s Deed/ Founding Agreement/ Articles of Association/ Notary Statement related to the foundation /any other document regulating the foundation), full powers conferred for the purpose of concluding the Founding Document
  (Delivered: 02/10/2021)
Podpisovy´ vzor konatelˇa .zep
Type of document: Document confirming the appointment/termination of the function, Signature templates
  (Delivered: 04/14/2021)
Rozhodnutie jedine´ho spolocˇni´ka .zep
Type of document: Document representing the amendment to the Founding Document
  (Delivered: 04/14/2021)
Zakladatelˇska´ listina-u´plne´ znenie.zep
Type of document: Full wording of the Founding Document as amended
  (Delivered: 04/14/2021)
Date of updating data in databases:  06/10/2021

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